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What is Twin Cities Collective?

What TCC offers

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The Twin Cities Collective was created by Jenna Redfield to help Twin Cities bloggers and creatives connect with other like-minded individuals in our area & learn more about how to market their businesses on social media.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Click the images below to learn more)

Who runs TCC?

Jenna Redfield is a Business & Social Media Coach, here to help you bring more visibility and followers to your business since 2016!

Creating visual content, educating my audience through strategic marketing & connecting & being a positive influence in the Twin Cities area are some of my biggest strengths.

I help Twin Cities Based Businesses market themselves online so they can grow their influence and connect with other local professionals. I’ve spoken at many events, podcasts & tv appearancesIn my free time, I am active in my local community, enjoy game nights with friends & love to sing, create YouTube videos & spend too much time on my phone.

What is TCC?

What is Twin Cities Collective? In addition to offering marketing services, we are also one of the largest networking communities in the Twin Cities. We provide resources and marketing education for local creatives and entrepreneurs but Jenna also offers other marketing related services, like coaching, photography and web design. We do many things online in our facebook group but also have in person events every month!

Who makes up the TCC?

Product Based Businesses: Artistans, Jewelry Designers, Clothing Designers, Makers, Crafters, Stationary, Direct Sales, Promotional Products

Service Based Businesses: Consultants, Life Coaches, Copywriters,Fitness Instructors, Chiropractors Health Coaches, Teachers, Authors, Event Planners, Catering, Interior Designers, Realtors, Lawyers, Accountants, Entrepreneurs

Designers, Photo & Marketing: Advertisers & Marketers, Photographers, Videographers, Developers, Web Designers, Brand Designers, Content Creators, Influencers,

Bloggers: Parenting, Fashion, Home, Fitness, Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Specific Niche

Brick & Mortar Businesses: Boutiques, Restaurants, Experiences, Spas, Gyms, Event Spaces, Coworking Spaces, Printing Shops

Most Popular Services

1:1 Coaching

Learn more about how you can grow your following and get more sales with our social media coaching. Schedule your free call

Facebook Group

Join our facebook group which has daily threads for you to promote your business. Join Here

Events & Workshops

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Online Education


The Twin Cities Collective podcast is a weekly podcast where Jenna interviews local influencers, business owners and bloggers to share their stories and tips for marketing their businesses. You can learn more here


Read our weekly blog to learn more about marketing, blogging, web design, social media & more! Read the blog here


We have multiple courses available, including ones on instagram & podcasting. Get the courses here

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