8 fun ways to use Gifs in your business

8 fun ways to use Gifs in your business

8 Fun Ways to use Gifs in your business -Jenna Redfield of JennaRedfieldDesigns

Gifs are as popular now as they have ever been and with the recent addition of gifs to Facebook, they will probably be used more than ever. Here are some fun ways I've found to use Gifs in my business

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I recommend Giphy to find Gifs online!


1. Website Gifs

You only get so much room on a website to show off your portfolio. While people may not always watch your videos, they will certainly watch a gif as they are scrolling. Impress them with your vast array of services while also impressing them with your gifs! Let me know what gifs you want made custom for your website!

Grab a scrolling mockup!

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2. Blog Posts

Embedding your own gifs or using gifs from giphy.com are an amazing way to add some fun to your blog posts. Whether it’s a reaction or something else entirely, adding gifs can add some fun to your post! See below! What's your all time favorite? Let me know below in the comments!

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3. Instagram

You may not think Gifs are something that can be used on instagram but they can! However, they must be uploaded in .mov format, since Instagram doesn't use the GIF format. So if you have your own gif, export into .mov or .mp4 when downloading on sites like giphy.com, make sure to download in one of those formats.

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4. Pinterest

I've been seeing more and more videos & gifs on Pinterest. With Pinterest, you can upload a gif from your phone or computer but also on Giphy, you can pin a gif straight to pinterest! Make sure to put a description that leads back to your site. This is the perfect place for custom gifs! 

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5. Facebook

After years of waiting, Facebook finally allows Gifs! You can post a gif using the GIF button on mobile for both posts & comments but you can also upload your own! 

These can be great for ads, posts on your business page and so much more!

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6. Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a great way to share gifs (thanks to Lauren from Legacy Loftfor sending me these examples!)

Here's a few examples:



7. Twitter

Twitter is an amazing place to use Gifs & has been for a long time. Twitter Chats or just random posts, it's an amazing way to share things with such few characters.

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8. Proposals & Questionnaire in Dubsado & other CRMs

One thing that I love about my CRM Dubsado is the ability to add Gifs & videos in the proposals & questionnaires. It's a great way to make a first impression & entertain potential clients!

How do you use Gifs in your business?

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