13 Types of videos you can make for your business (with examples!)

13 Types of videos you can make for your business (with examples!)

When clients come to me looking for videos, sometimes they don't even know what kind of videos they can make

This post is for them and for anyone interested in making videos for your business!

Here's 13 examples of type of videos you can make, for both product and service based businesses!

For Service Based Companies

Promo/Brand Videos

Probably the most classic example, a 1-3 minute brand video, showing off your brand, business & showing  b-rolls, footage & photos to share your story!

Portfolio/Project overview video

Showing off a specific project in video form is a great way to share what you do! Not only can you see you talking but also photo and video of the process & end result! 

Online Tutorials

If you want to show off your smarts and teach your audience through content, filming a screenflow tutorial with quicktime or loom, it may be a great way to show off!


Having a customer be filmed talking about your product is a super powerful way to 

Ad Videos (For Facebook & Instagram)

It was hard to find a FB ad on YouTube but I remember seeing this one ALL THE TIME

YouTube Channel Videos

Vlogs (sit in front of the camera, talk about topics)

One of the most classic ways to share your info, sitting in front of a camera and talking about a subject is what many of my monthly video clients do! 

Behind the Scenes (daily videos of what happens behind the scenes)

One of my favorite ways to show off businesses is through behind the scenes vlogs. Here's 2 of my favorite channels doing this!

Interviews over skype/zoom for podcasts/videos

A super easy way to get content on your channel is doing a zoom interview! I was interviewed by Jess Creatives for her podcast!

Online Course Videos & Promos

Creating an online course usually consists of videos, whether it's vlog style, slideshows/decks or an online tutorial. Here's an example of a course promo I edited.

Whiteboard/Explainer Video

A video that I personally don't create but have worked with people on before is a whiteboard/explainer video. It's less convincing, but better for corporate type businesses

For Product Based Companies

Kickstarter Videos

A classic way to share your products is through a kickstarter video! Raising money for a product you've created is a great way to show off your product!

Flatlay Video (Overhead shot/Tasty type videos)

One of my specialities is making flatlay video! Basically showing off what your product does in an overhead video, similar to my flatlay photos! 

Product Reviews/Tutorials

In addition to showing off your product, you can also show what it does by doing a tutorial of how it works! 

13 Types of videos you can make for your business (with examples!)