12 Marketing Tips you can get from #StayHere on Netflix

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I stumbled upon #StayHere on Netflix this weekend. I’m a fan of Genevieve Gardner (Genevieve's Renovation, many design shows ) who also happens to be a native Minnesotan! I didn’t know the other guy but he was very likeable.
I thought it was gonna be a show like some on netflix where they show off unique homes. Not a big fan of those shows, since I enjoy when shows share the home improvement.

No this show was like Queer Eye meets AirBnb rental owners. I LOVED it!

One of the things I loved were all the marketing tips they sprinkled throughout the show

1. Using a Hashtag as your content title

Even the name of the show (#StayHere) really worked with the tone of the show. They want people to use this hashtag on social to share about the show, and you as a small business owner should have a hashtag for your business as well!

2. The Importance of a title listing (the hook!)

In the 3rd episode, they had a crappy listing title with a “w/” in the title. You do want to keep it short and sweet, but you need to have the right adjectives & hooks


In the first episode, they talk about SEO (which they really meant SEM/PPC or pay per click. Organic SEO helps with the actually website ranking on Google while SEM/PPC is paying to be listed on google. The recommended paying $100 with 25 cents per click bringing in 400 strong leads who 10% would actually book. That $100 will quickly bring a return.

4. Client Experience

One of my favorite things they think about is the client experience. Having stocked water in the fridge, quality sheets, bathrobes, gift basket, charcuterie platter, etc… really puts your guest experience above the rest.

5. Quality=more money

The interesting thing is people pay for luxury, especially when on vacation. This can be true with any business. If it looks and is more quality and luxury, the bigger the pricing that comes in!

6. Website Listing Copy

How you describe your rental, or your product online is super important. Website copy (or text & description) can make or break whether someone wants to buy from you or not!

7. Lead Picture (money shot!)

Having your main picture attract and show off your main and most important assets is a make or break for a sale. You need to show off the unique and main reason that sets you apart!

One example I think people do terrible with this is online dating. Gosh some of the lead pictures suck! Why isn’t there a reality show on this???

8. Recommendations

Knowing other companies that can provide for your clients is so important, as it will help their experience. Reach out to people who do concurrent businesses that aren’t competitors who you can reach out to and share with your clients, which you actually know and would recommend.

9. Photography

They really really focus on good photography on this show & recommend hiring a professional. In episode 3 the photographer shares secrets & it really helps your marketing in the long run and worth the investment 100%.

10. Knowing Your Competition & Finding What they don’t have

They are always comparing the competition in the area & how to up them, by adding things they don’t have. This adds you to the top of the list, instead of just being in the mix.

11. “The riches are in the niches”

In episode 4, they are doing a rental in NYC that can house over 10, a niche with only 98 other properties doing the same. This is the same in your business. The more you niche, the more business you can get.

12. Social Media Moment

My favorite thing-each spot has a “social media moment” a backdrop that guests can have as a background for when they share on social media, which they will since it’s a vacation. More and more people travel to places for a good instagram backdrop. Having a way for people to market for you is so freaking important!

12 Marketing Tips you can get from #StayHere on Netflix