Video: 5 Instagram Apps I use Everyday

5 Instagram Apps I use Everyday


Hey guys, my name is Jenna I am an Instagram strategist. And I love Instagram apps. Today I'm going to be sharing with you five of my favorites that I use every single day. If you haven't followed me on Instagram, make sure to follow me at General field and follow my local Twin Cities group called Twin Cities collective, I use these five apps every single day on all of my Instagram accounts. So hope you guys enjoy this. And let's get started.

  1. So the first app that I use, obviously, is Instagram itself, I have to use the app, Instagram in order to post you can't post from the internet, so you have to use it on mobile. So that's really awesome.

2. The next app that I use is preview. I've talked about this at all of my workshops. But preview is my favorite app, because you allows you to look at your feed before you post it also gives you a reminder when to post and you can add your caption and hashtags beforehand. My favorite thing is also allows multiple accounts, I have a few different Instagram accounts. And also it's free, a lot of the apps are not free. And I love the fact that it's free. So anyone of you watching can use it, it's going to be super awesome.

3. The next app that I use every single day is VSCO. So whenever I'm editing my photos, I use VSCO, which is a free app, but you do have to pay for a lot of the filters. So I pay I think it's like 20 bucks a year. For all the filters on VSCO, I like to edit on mobile, because I'm on the go a lot. And I love using that. So that is definitely my favorite editing app for adding filters and adding different collaborations to my feet.

4. So another app that I use a lot is unfold. It is a great app for stories. So if you're creating any type of graphics in your story, unfold is amazing. They have some awesome templates that you can pop your photos into. I actually also use it for my main feed, and I bought in a few of their expansion packs. So I've gotten some other things to be able to share on my story. So if you haven't checked out unfold, I highly recommend it. I also talked about this and my Instagram stories online course. I absolutely love unfold.

5. My final favorite app is called the continual. So as you know with Instagram stories, you can cut it to 15 seconds every single story. But sometimes you just don't want to take those breaks. What continual does is it cuts any video into 15 seconds segments, which allow you to upload in order without a break. So if you already have a video that you want to upload to Instagram, and maybe you just want a 15 second chunk of it, you can buy continue, I think it's $8 totally worth it. There's no logo, it's super easy to use. And I use it almost every day when I'm uploading my story because I like to record my video ahead of time. So which of these five Have you used? What are your favorite Instagram apps? I'd love to hear it below. So make sure to leave a comment and I'll talk to you guys soon.

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5 Instagram Apps I use Everyday