Comparing 5 Popular Instagram Planners/Schedulers: Which Ones Should You Choose?

Comparing 5 Popular Instagram Planners/Schedulers: Which Ones Should You Choose?

Since the dawn of social media, there have been many people who would like to automate their accounts, mostly to save time. There are plenty of schedulers out there & I see many debates in the comments about which scheduler/planner app is the best.

I thought I’d do some research and compare these so you don’t have to AND so you can pick which one works best for yourself!


One of the most popular instagram planning apps, later allows you to plan & schedule your apps

It also allows you to have analytics, use shoppable links & more

One of my favorite features of Later is the LinkInBio feature, which allows you to Link your Instagram posts to the right products or pages with



Later is definitely one of the most powerful with the number of features included


Planoly is similar to Later, they also allow computer planning for your account. They also allow Stories to be planned ahead of time as well! It also allows a team to work on it & much more.



Planoly & Later seemed very similar to me. Planoly is a tad cheaper & focuses more on stories then Later.


Plann was the first planner I used. I was frustrated because after I updated my phone, it didn’t remember that I had purchased it ($8) before it switched to a monthly subscription. That reason I don’t recommend plann, mostly out of frustration with the changes of the platform and the fact I wasn’t grandfathered into the way it used to be used (one time purchase).

Unique Features

Instagram Strategy: Plan out categories of posts

Hashtag Organization: Organize hashtags by kinds


Hoping they figured it out, seems to work similarly to the other apps I’ve mentioned.


Preview is the app I currently use. Personally, I don’t schedule my instagrams. I like to publish them myself, but I do like to use Preview mostly to check my grid & make sure it works with the images I post as well as planning ahead for the next month.

You can add hashtags & captions as well as add a timer, versus others which can actually post on your behalf. If timing & wanting to autopost is a thing you need, one of the paid versions may make more sense.

Want to learn how I use preview? Check out my online course on Instagram!



Unum is similar to Preview as it focuses more on the grid & the look of scheduling your instagram, unum is another option for many instagram users. However, I wasn’t blown away by any of the features and they seem to offer the basics & nothing more.



In conclusion, all these have lots of similar features & some focus on some things more than others.

If I had to choose one & pay for it, I’d pick later, mostly for their LinkInBio options and overall ease of use & branding.

For free, I enjoy using Preview & love that it has lots of options as a free platform.

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