10 Tips Before Working with an Influencer

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  1. Pick the right influencer

    Know what you want in terms of category, target audience & overall follower count.

  2. Make sure they are legit

    Before anything else, make sure the influencer you choose isn’t lying about any of their stats. You can do this through websites that check the quality of followers and engagement rate. The two I use are

    IG Audit &

    IG Calculator

  3. Have your sh*t together

    When you come to an influencer, have your campaign idea fully developed. Have your branding, your social media, your website up and running. Working with an influencer is the last step, not the first.

  4. Make sure they do too (Ask for a media kit)

    ”If they don’t have a media kit, they may not be the right fit” most people that are considered influencers have a media kit. If they can’t make one or send to you within 48 hours, you may want to pass.

  5. See previous work & ask for testimonials

    Some people may have little experience and that’s ok for beginners, but those who charge more should have somewhat of a portfolio. Also reach out to those you are planning on working long term with for a testimonial

  6. Check if they are interested in a collaboration

    Some influencers starting out may be willing to work for trade. Check that first.

  7. Pay them if they ask

    If they are not ok with that (many have to make a living at a certain point) talk about the money. Know your budget & if they are out of it, make sure to know you need to lower your expectations.

  8. Negotiate with photography fees included in price

    Part of the campaign usually includes pics or videos & usually the influencer knows who’s good. If you have someone in mind, make sure to pay them separately.

  9. Let them do their thing

    One of the biggest things influencers hate are rules that don’t make sense. Let them influence their community with your product (in your contract have a few rules, but don’t make their job hard)

  10. Make sure you have a contract

    Working with an influencer is a new field of work. Make sure you have everything covered & both follow through with a contract!