10 Hard Truths about Growing Your Instagram (You need to accept!)

10 Hard Truths about Growing Your Instagram (You need to accept!)

The 10 hard truths about growing your instagram

Why am I writing about something negative like why something is hard?? Well sometimes I think people need to get a bit of a reality sandwich for lunch. Visions of grandeur and overly optimistic dreams can be hard to swallow if reality sets in & it isn’t as easy or fun as you imagined. Or it doesn’t go as quickly. Or if you are frustrated and want to give up. While sometimes there are struggles, it’s possible, it is! I just want to warn you about the slopes if you haven’t hit them yet. I had to & I’ve come out the other side. It is possible, but it may take more work than you may think right now. Or you may have realized that & you are needing some encouragement. I will write a post on that too! For now, I think we need to talk about that excuse you are putting on something that has nothing to do with anything & really dig into why your account isn’t at 30K by now. Here’s just a few things I’ve found about IG.

#1. It’s not easy

If it were, everyone on IG would have 10k followers right?? Growing your instagram following takes time, effort, attention & good content. All of the above.

#2. It will not be overnight

One of the biggest things I tell people who see our IG and go wow! is that it took 2.5 years of consistently posting, getting strategic & sometimes luck to get us there. Unless you literally go viral or already have many fans across the world, growing an instagram can be extremely time consuming. Every account grows at a different pace, depending on the content, niche, types of content, etc….

Fitness accounts usually have 10X the followers that any other account has and grows 10x faster.

#3. It takes practice & a plan

Instagram is a marketing tool & just like any content marketing needs a plan & structure. Not having a plan & throwing things together doesn’t work long term.

#4. You will make mistakes

From caption mistakes, to missing opportunities, you will make mistakes & learn from them. I certainly have!

#5. Half of it comes from outside instagram (word of mouth)

One of the things many influencers you see have is a reputation off instagram. The more word of mouth you get as a person or a company off instagram will directly affect your growth on the platform. Also using other social platforms or other marketing (like email, etc…) will bring people to your account not just through the app.

#6. Collaborations are key & are more important than you think

Working with others allows entirely new audiences to find out about your service. Why do you think influencer marketing has taken off? An influencer mentioning you will (if done well) bring you attention and followers. But you need to be ready & set to take them.

#7. Engagement will make or break you

Posting a photo on instagram & using hashtags doesn’t work. You have to engage. Follow and comment on other accounts, be ready to spend time “stalking” other accounts & actually appearing like a person. IG stories has made this much easier to do!

#8. Follow the right people & don’t skip steps

The more people you get in front of, the more people follow you back. While I don’t recommend the “follow, unfollow” method, I do recommend engaging in many accounts & following them to get on their radar. I usually end up just continuing following them. Paying for followers always bites you in the end and honestly who wants fake followers? The point is to have a potential paying audience, not a bunch of spam accounts? Yuck!!

#9. Less is more and more is less

Don’t post a bunch of pics in one day-it hurts the algorithm & your posts are confused on which is the best & the others will get left behind. Don’t overshare, figure out what’s the best for you.

#10. It will be worth it in the end

Once you see growth in your account, with the right strategy you will see growth in your business as well. More people will remember you and refer you. You will get more sales on your products. Overall happy ending!

#11. Come to our Instagram Growth series!

We are doing 3 workshops, one on IG Foundations & Growth, one on Instagram Stories & IGTV & one on selling on instagram & influencer marketing!