How To Not Let Instagram Marketing Stress You Out! 10 Tips & Tricks

How To Not Let Instagram Marketing Stress You Out! 10 Tips & Tricks

Instagram can be overwhelming to anyone, especially a new business owner with no marketing experience. Well I’m here to share some tips on how to keep calm and plan ahead to make sure this fun platform doesn’t stress you out!

  1. Breathe

    When it all seems like too much, take a breath & relax! It’s social media it’s meant to be fun & not stressful!

  2. Don’t try to do it all, all at once

    Step by step! I highly recommend before starting an instagram campaign to first have your brand colors, voice & overall strategy down. Once those are locked in, you will have a better sense of purpose for your account as well as overall visual look!

  3. Create a strategic plan

    Planning out your account can alleviate stress is so many ways! Check out my post on comparing different instagram schedulers so you can plan out

  4. Try different things

    If something isn’t working or if you feel like trying a new method, do it! You can always go back to what you were doing before

  5. Go with your gut

    If you aren’t happy with certain things, get rid of them!

  6. Focus on results & your goals

    Setting a goal or at least a direction can help you with your posting & overall plan. Looking and seeing what does and doesn’t work helps you move forward as well!

  7. Don’t let it run (or ruin) your life

    No one wants an instagram account to run their life. While the TCC account is a huge part of mine, it’s not the thing I let define me. The number of followers you have doesn’t equate your worth!

  8. Know that it’s everyone started with 0

    Every great brand started at 0. Always remember that!

  9. Know about the hard truths of instagram & go through them

    In our last blog post, The 10 Hard Truths of Instagram, we talked about some of the expectations many have when growing your instagram & knowing that it takes some hard work & time, but it will be worth it in the end!

  10. Get more Instagram Resources

    Head over to Instagram Resources to find out more! Or learn more about our Instagram Coaching services