13 Must Have Chrome Extensions (2019)

13 Must Have Chrome Extensions .jpg
  1. Adblock Plus - free ad blocker
    I use adblock to block ads on every website. It works pretty well & you forget about it in the background

  2. BuiltWith Technology Profiler

    I love this chrome extension because I can find out a lot from any website on the website, including plugins and platforms they are using

  3. Colorzilla

    Want to find out a specific color on a website? Use colorzilla eye dropper to find a color on any website.

  4. Honey

    The best way to save money while shopping online! If a website as a promo code,

  5. Loom - Video Recorder: Screen, Webcam and Mic

    I love loom to record anything I’m sharing on my computer. Not only does it film the screen but also films you in the corner. I use this for all my website audits.

  6. OneTab
    One tab is amazing to not have soo many tabs open. When you have 10+ tabs open, simply click onetab and it saves them and then allows you to start over, without losing which tabs you were on.

  7. LastPass
    Save your passwords & have them automatically populate into where it should

  8. Pinterest Save Button & 9. Tailwind

    Pinning posts to Pinterest & Tailwind allow you to pin straight to Pinterest or schedule via Tailwind.

    10. Recurpost

    I use recurpost to schedule blog posts for FB & Twitter. You can read more about recurpost here

    11. TubeBuddy for YouTube
    If you are a YouTuber, Tubebuddy is a must have. It allows you to look at all your videos and check to see if you have optimized your videos correctly.

    12. WhatFont

    Wondering what a font a website is using? As long as it’s there on the website (and not in a picture or graphic) this extension allows you to find out what font you are using.

    13. WiseStamp - Email Signatures for Gmail
    Want to add a professional signature to your email? Wisestamp allows you to quickly add links & social media profiles to your account