How To NOT get taken advantage of in business

How To NOT get taken advantage of in business

While many people in this world have the purest intentions, some do not have pure motives or can spot weakness, which is something I tell many of my coaching clients. I have a million examples of it playing out in the media. Don’t get preyed upon with these tips.

Here’s some things to look out for.

  1. Figuring out motives & determining who to trust

    As an empath, this is easy for me to spot-most of the time. I can sense what someone’s really after after meeting them just once or twice. If they are legit, they want to help me (as I them) without a reward. If it’s conditional, or they really are using you as a stepping stone without caring about you or your business, they are not ones to trust.

  2. Using Contracts

    This is a super important one! Always have a contract-even for free stuff. So many people flake, clients don’t pay. I highly recommend Dubsado for handing all that (use code Twincitiescollective for a discount). I don’t do it without a signed contract.

  3. Valuing Your Time & Getting paid

    When people ask for your time, you should ask them for money. When you are first getting started, by all means say yes to a lot of things, even if they don’t pay a ton. That’s how everyone gets started (plus they see you will work hard!) however, you get to a point where you know you need to get paid (you have had success, you bring in money). At that point is when you ask for payment. Also not having people ask too much of your time when you are an expert as well!!

  4. Getting multiple opinions & proposals

    Sometimes companies play hardball. Try a few & see which one is astronomically ripping you off & which is fair.

  5. Putting up boundaries

    This is SOO important for your mental state. Putting up limits, procedures, etc… for all may make some “huff” but putting your mental health first is so important to not let your work take advantage of you! Set time limits, use boomerang to send emails, create office hours, go to the gym, all these things help!

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