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Jennifer Kroiss, Kroiss Consulting and "Networking and Connecting"

Kroiss Consulting - I work with entrepreneurs to quiet the overwhelm of their business, together we develop a strategy that they can start to execute immediately. This allows them to get back to loving what they do and make money while they do it!

Networking and Connecting - Relationships are a driving force in everything that we do, whether it's working with vendors, hiring others, managing or working on teams, selling products/services, etc... The purpose of "Networking and Connecting" is to teach the "how to" and provide the "where to" for professional networking success.

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Tiffany Winter, Cooks Bay Marketing

Cooks Bay Marketing is a small agency located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Being small enables us to give the attention that our selected clients deserve. From digital to print to your outsourced marketing department—we are here to make your brand shine. 

Our company is made up of a team of very talented people with big ideas. Creative people are naturally drawn to each other, and with the right people & culture in our workplace we are capable of building incredible solutions. What makes us strong is we love what we do. It's creative, challenging, and rewarding all at once.


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