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Since we tend to get a lot of questions about TCC promoting local events and businesses, we wanted to leave quick deets for you here!

Now that you’ve taken a look at our website, including our services, podcast, FB Group & Instagram, you want to get in touch! You can either send us a message on instagram, Facebook or email in the form below!

We will not respond to

  • Spam & Solicitations

  • TCC Podcast Guest & PR Pitches (coming on my podcast or blog, I usually select the guests, I do however love to be on other podcasts)

  • Out of State requests (MN only)

  • Sponsorship Requests (We do not sponsor other businesses)

  • Studio Rentals (Our local studio rental guide is a resource only, we do not rent out studios)

  • Requests to promote your event/business/product for free (you can join our Facebook Group & do that yourself). Otherwise you can learn more about our Advertising & Sponsorship Options or learn more about our social media coaching below

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