Co-Hosting a Radio Show, Pros & Cons of Networking for Personal Branding + Heartbroken & Finding Love online

Co-Hosting a Radio Show, Pros & Cons of Networking for Personal Branding + Heartbroken & Finding Love online

Falen is real, flaws and all. She's known for her bold humor, quick wit and infectious laugh. She is the co-host on the legendary Dave Ryan in the Morning Show on 101.3 KDWB. She also hosts the "Heartbroken Podcast" and a monthly book club.

I'm so excited because I have a very special guest Miss Falen

Falen Gotler 1:06

Oh, hi.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 1:07

Gotler right?

Falen Gotler 1:09

Yeah, just got married.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 1:10

So new last name.

Falen Gotler 1:11

It is not official yet again. Yeah. New new signature which is weird because the G I just think it's a terrible cursive letter. So Disney

Unknown Speaker 1:19

DG. Oh, yeah.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 1:23

So if people don't know kind of you're on the radio and Apple know you just as a personality in the Twin Cities. Can you kind of give us a little bit background on you? what you're doing now? maybe share it? Yeah,

Falen Gotler 1:34

I mean, yeah, I'm best known for being on the Dave Ryan the morning show on KDWB. So I co host that morning show each day from six to 10am. And a little bit about me I'm from Indiana originally and then that's where I started in radio once I went to college, and I did that everything in radio, you know? board hopping which means you run the board the big board that you know turn on buttons that could not run over the board as Yeah, I've promotion so at work, you know, you see the people standing out a T Mobile Yeah, handing out prizes. I've done that. That I did nights for like three years. I started doing mornings as a producer kind of third Mike and knew I wasn't really wanted to do morning. So then it's kind of like to move up in radio, you want to go to a bigger market. So I went to Reno Nevada for a couple of years. And then I found this opening with KDWB and okay. Top 20 market. Awesome. And yeah, led me to it's kind of a short version of my Yeah.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 2:31

So how long was that time? I started in radio in 2002. Okay. Oh, wow. Yeah.

Falen Gotler 2:36

So that's when I graduated high school. My first semester at college, I started in radio. And I always say like, I worked at a radio station for one week. And I was like, This is what I'll do with my life. I just knew it immediately. I didn't know it before that what that way? And then it was, you know, I knew I wanted to be on the air. I'm not a behind the scenes person. I don't like the details. I like coming up with ideas. Yeah. I like, I don't know, I like entertaining, you know, I knew would never be behind the scenes. So it was how do I get to do mornings? Okay. And then I was there until I guess. What was it like? 2010. I think of how long I've been here now. And I worked in Reno for two years. And I moved here. It's basically just hit seven years I've been here in Minnesota. Oh, wow. I didn't realize it was that long.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 3:24

I know. flew by. Yeah. Wow. And so do you like living here? I do. Yeah,

Falen Gotler 3:28

I didn't know what to expect. And I'll be honest, when I took the job here, I kind of looked at it as another stepping stone. Like, okay, cool. Minnesota will be great for me to use as a platform to get somewhere else maybe I don't know, at the time when I think when you're younger. Everyone's dream has to be like they want to go to New York or LA from Minnesota. Chicago. Chicago wasn't my thing. So it was like, I'll be in New York, obviously. And then, as actually got older and really liked the city. I'm like, I can't imagine living in New York now. Now I would love to visit New York. I can't imagine. Yeah. Living in a tiny apartment and taking like, no, I couldn't do it. I've been to New York twice. And the second time,

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 4:12

after three days, I was like, I'm done. I want to go home. And I did live in LA for about six months. And I was like, No, no, I like the weather. And I like the entertainment industry. But I just couldn't get traffic and yeah, it's just it wasn't home, I guess. And I've lived here my whole life. So I've maybe once you move here, you just let people stay. Are they there? from here? They stay from here? For sure. Yeah,

Falen Gotler 4:35

you move here. You, you know the stereotypes of Minnesota. So you think okay, it's gonna snow all the time or something, you know, ridiculous like that. I didn't realize how big city it would feel. But also it has a very small town vibe to it. Also, with everyone knowing everyone. Yeah. But they're still It has everything that a big city offers great food. Great show Are you know, I mean, so much to offer, which is great.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 5:02

I think that it's like a hidden gem in the world. Yes.

Falen Gotler 5:06

And if you're like, I think I was saying this to my husband last night, Jake, actually, that I was describing why like Minnesota hit him. I was just saying, musicians, it's Minnesota is such a unique city where people seem to care and support things. And so it's so unique to me, because it wasn't like that any other market I've lived in. So radio actually seems to matter to people. So they actually take they, I don't know invest their time and learning about the personalities and be connected to the radio stations, if not just background noise for people and liquid artists come in. Minnesota is unlike any other city that like for instance, we do a jingle ball tour. And the full tour. The artists and the people who put the full tour together always say Minneapolis is their favorite city of the whole tour. Because it has the truest fans. They're like the true people that come out. And it's is a very unique city.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 6:01

I've never actually been to jingle ball. It's something that I've always I know I should go No,

Falen Gotler 6:05

not just saying that. Cuz that's like the one concert I went

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 6:09

to. And I think that it's it's so how many stops? Do they usually do? Like, I'm, like, 1510 1215?

Unknown Speaker 6:16

So my car? Yeah.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 6:16

Because like, I think they also like change out who's in each stops? Yeah,

Falen Gotler 6:20

so there will be consistent ones. But then usually, like New York and LA are going to get a couple of bigger. Yeah. headliners that we're not going to get in Minnesota. So.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 6:28

So in addition to being on the radio, you also do a lot of appearances. And we were talking about this before we started airing. So is that part of your job? How does that work? Yeah,

Falen Gotler 6:37

for the most part it is. You know, it's like, it'll be like, Hey, you know, a TMobile has a store opening. And they want someone there to basically promote it. So it's, I mean, it most of it is just the pre promotion on the air. Hey, this is opening, I'll be there. And then I go, it's like a two hour appearance. We're literally we hand out prizes. Yeah, hang out. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 6:59

Do you like that part? Yeah,

Falen Gotler 7:01

I mean, I do a ton of it. It's obviously where I meet the majority of people other than our station events. So I do enjoy it. Most of those happen on like weekends and stuff. So it's just really, you know, making sure I don't go overboard into like too many in one weekend where I never have a weekend. Like, yeah,

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 7:21

that might be interesting with your figuring out how your schedule works. Yeah, cuz like, I think you have had such early mornings when you're kind of done. How do you plan out your other free time? I guess? I have got, I was kind of joking to you a little bit. But I say no to pretty much everything, which I think is probably bad.

Falen Gotler 7:41

I don't know I because I just feel like as I'm getting older, my time is just more valuable to me. And so I I'll be honest, that I look a lot of things and and i not every time but a lot of the time, I'm like, What is the benefit for me doing this. I love helping people. So I always make sure that I have I don't know like something charitable going on. In my life. We do a lot of charity work, or I mentor a lot of people in radio that are younger, they'll be smaller markets, they'll reach out to me for advice, I'll listen to their audio, give them feedback. But as you get older, I think you learn how important your time is. You have to say no to things. Or the person who wants you. Why do they want you? Why do they want your time? And if that's if they want me then sell me on why it's valuable to me as well. So I think that that's how I look at make scheduling my time. But also I know part of my job is doing appearances. So I can't just say no to every Yeah.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 8:45

Well, that's true. Because I think it's interesting hearing it from someone who does that, basically for a living, because there's people in our group I know that like want to be influencers, so they go to everything. Yeah. So then it's like, well, what was the point of that specific event? You know, and I've been to events to where I'm like, Is it like would have been free? Otherwise? Why am I here? You know, like, I get a really big discount. I got in for free. But then it's like, well, what am I supposed to be doing? Also, that's the other thing is there's a lot of gray area, but like why am I here? Yeah, yeah. And so I think that for you? Do you get I mean, obviously you probably get recognized Do you recognize the public? Cuz it's your voice? That's right. Recognize right here? I do.

Falen Gotler 9:24

I think that's kind of goes back to people being a little bit more invested. Okay. And also with the growth of social media in general. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it isn't constant. But I'd say it's pretty frequent. I'd say if I actually leave my house. Maybe it will be like, once a day. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 9:40

Okay. And is it just like in the most random of places usually here? I

Falen Gotler 9:44

mean, it's always want to look my worst. Oh, no, you know, maybe it wasn't like I'm doing my makeup. I got a target anyway. But yeah, I'll I'll be just looking like absolute garbage. You sound good. A good picture. And of course, I'm like, flattered and honored you even

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 9:58

with me. So yeah, it. So you've been here now? You said seven? Yes. So has there been some really great experiences you've had or like, what's been the best part about your job? The last?

Falen Gotler 10:09

I you know, I thought about this because there are I'm very fortunate. I, I do have it was a huge job. Sounds like so much fun. It's like it. Actually it Really? Yeah. So I've had a really, I mean, the first thing everyone will think of is Oh, you probably met a lot of celebrities. So that's cool. Yeah, I've met like the people you think of Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry and stuff, but I think the coolest person I met was Buzz Aldrin. Oh, I'm like, I met someone who went to the moon. So that's historically and that's pretty awesome to me. And when I was a young child, being an astronaut was actually my turn interest. Never was going to happen in real life. Considering I got sick and almost Dave's little tiny airplane one time, so yeah, that wasn't my life. Oh my god. But we do a lot of because I asked Dave and Steve that question today they said that their coolest job was flying with the Blue Angels which I have not done I've been offered that well. No. But I probably would say that getting to go to some cool like they're called press junkets they get to to LA and interview the movie they treat us

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 11:09

with like last week, right? Yeah,

Falen Gotler 11:10

I got to do a cool one for isn't it romantic? With like rebel, Wilson, Priyanka Chopra, and Liam himself, and it was really fun. And those are like, really cool experiences. So I mean, those are the biggest. And I'm like, I know there's other cool things. I've been on like an episode of diners, drive ins and dives. Yeah,

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 11:29

that's pretty cool. So I mean, you did like a show where you went to on YouTube? Yeah. Yeah.

Falen Gotler 11:34

Your husband? Yeah, we did. It was called festival series and food trucks. We did for like a year. Yeah. And we would just go to festivals, and do really quick, kind of like mini,

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 11:44

you know, episodes. That's so cool. That's kind of what we're doing with our new show that we're logging out launching where I'm going to small businesses and different experiences in the Twin Cities. I'm so excited. That's really yeah, that like I was, like, I found is something like that. Yeah.

Falen Gotler 11:56

So cool. It's fun. And the first you'll learn this, but like, the first couple of episodes, it'll, you'll be there for so long. Yeah. Then you kind of figure out your formula. And then you can, depending on how long your episodes are, pop it and get it done.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 12:11

We definitely filmed our first episode, and it took like three hours. Yeah, it's a five minute. Okay, I know. And then the hardest part is like, you love so much of the content. It's like, how do I get five minutes for sure. And I, I went to film school. So I think it's gonna be a little bit easier for me. But like, there's a lot of people that do and it's interesting how, like, with with radio, where do you see like the future of radio? Because I feel like it is social media driven now, too. And like I said, Look, it's changing every day, you know?

Falen Gotler 12:39

Well, I will tell you, even our company acknowledges how big podcasts are. And I will, you know, I, I'm fortunate that I work for I Heart Radio, I think because they're very forward thinking company of radio companies. And so they got on the I Heart Radio app A long time ago, to make it easy. Listen to our shows. So basically, at Pandora and Spotify we're doing they're like, Hey, we can do the same thing, but also offer all of our local radio shows. I thought that was really smart that they did that or, and so they're definitely getting in on the podcasting. So they acquired some really big podcast, and then they started, they hired I mean, they have a whole podcasting department now. The guy came to all of our markets. And like started, if you are a lot of markets weren't even doing podcasts, Minneapolis was ahead of almost every market in the country, which was kind of crazy. And so one of the things they required was all of the morning shows have to do an after the show podcast.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 13:38

Gotcha. You do that? Right. We do.

Falen Gotler 13:40

Okay, and so, luckily, I already had my podcast to create something totally new. But now, Dave, Stephen, I do an after show podcast. It's a very short, like 15 minute podcast. And so I think that, you know, for years people have been like, oh, what's going to happen? radio will go away, you know, here's the iPod or go away satellite radio. Radio is consistently like still the strongest it's it's more powerful than TV or anything because it just has a higher listenership. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 14:11

There's so many channels on TV, right? radio, there's only like a few stations. Right.

Falen Gotler 14:15

And it's free. Yeah,

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 14:17

that's true. That's true. It's right in your car. Yeah. You're listening. And yeah, and like, I mean, and Ian here is doing Americana. You know, he saw that happening with podcasting. And right, that's feature so let's talk about your podcast a little bit, you heartbroken, which I love. I listened to it all the time. Great. Like, I I don't know how I got into it. But all of a sudden, I'm just like, I just want to hear these stories of these people that have had these heartbroken things happened. How did you get started with that? You know,

Falen Gotler 14:41

honestly, I, I went through a breakup. And it was like, on the air. And everyone always thinks it's because I was married, got divorced. And it really wasn't that, that that I kept private, because it was out of, I mean, honestly, out of respect for him for his family, for me, my family. And because I just thought it, it wasn't really anyone's business. But after him, I dated someone. And it was a very toxic, very bad relationship. And I've always been pretty bad about holding things inside of and one of the reasons like Dave liked me and hired me because I'll over share. So I remember coming in the day after this horrible breakup, and just, I mean, probably giving way too much information on the air because it was so emotional. And for probably a year, people just kept emailing me asking for advice. And I'm like, I am not a therapist. I don't and I did not want to give advice because I think that a lot of times they can bite you in the butt if you do when your friends advice is when they begin complete strangers advice on something very personal how to don't love doing that. So I finally thought, God, I'm getting so many emails. This is such a relatable topic, heartbreak, everyone's experienced it in some way, shape, or form. So I just thought, let's just see what happens. And so I was like, hey, if it's podcast, which will come in. So the idea is having people come in share heartbreak stories, the majority of them are relationship. I've had a couple of others we have addressed losing a partner, or a parent, stillbirth. But the main core is relationships. And I don't give advice. I listened to them, which I think was also important for me, because on our show, it's like, okay, who give the next joke? And who can talk a little while Yeah. And I think there's something about listening that a lot of us don't realize we don't do it. We're so used to, oh, something similar happened to me. Here's what happened and buys it and then you make it about yourself. And I wanted this to be about them. This is their heartbreak. And so anyway, they're there. I am a like a listener to when I when they're telling me their story. I don't let them email me a ton of information in advance. A very generic paragraph. I scheduled them they come in and then I I'm like you I'm listening to the first. So the questions I'm asking are, I'm asking as. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 16:59

How do you pick who gets to be on the episode? So?

Falen Gotler 17:02

Honestly, I have a lot of people email me homeless daily. Yeah, I kind of go through I do try to look for stories that maybe seem a little bit different than ones I've already done. But there are always going to be some similarities and some stories. So a lot of time, I'll still have them come in. I haven't aired every single one. Sometimes I don't think it goes perfectly. I'm like, I don't know if that is entertaining. Sometimes even I've even had audio issues, honestly. And so I really there's no, there's no, I guess formula to what I'm doing. It's just like, yeah, okay, this, I'll maybe I'll record three in a week. And then I look at it, I'm like, Okay, this one was, maybe to me the most entertaining, which sounds messed up. But you are providing a form of entertaining content.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 18:00

compelling, maybe not entertaining. Yeah, it gets people want to hear

Falen Gotler 18:03

it for sure. That's definitely a better word than Yeah, entertaining. But so it's, it's, and also it really is me to spacing out. Okay, this something similar I had, this is a generic, I had a cheating one last time, let's do it. You know, that's very generic, let's do something a little different for this story to split

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 18:18

it up a little bit. So with all of those, what has been the feedback for you? From the listeners?

Falen Gotler 18:26

It's been great. Actually, it's been supportive. Because the, I mean, in my situation, I look back and I'm like, Whoa, so stupid. I just think I'm embarrassed of that time of my life. Like how, like looking at myself on the outside, like how I would judge, I would have judged me, I would have been like, she is so stupid. Obviously, he's doing XYZ. And it's everyone I haven't they're incredibly intelligent people. They have honestly better all have better jobs than I do, which show high blood pressure, you know, education or intelligence. And I just think there is a thing with emotions that just, it changes you and, and so I think it everyone can relate. And so I don't know, for me, it's just been like, Oh, my gosh, I went so many people having such relatable, similar stories. I listened to, you know, Jessica's episode make up a name here. I couldn't believe how similar it sounded to my story. And thank you for doing this. So I don't I don't feel so crazy. So I'd feel less alone. And that's the key. Yeah,

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 19:36

I mean, I have my Amanda. She's full man. She's a really good friend of mine. And when I listen, I cried listening to her office, I was very sad. And I had never heard her tell that story before. I had seen posts on social media and stuff. So that was like, I feel like the nice thing about your podcast is, it could be anyone you know, it's like, it just kind of shows that human experiences like anyone can go through this. Yeah. And it's just crazy. So we're going to take a really quick break, and we'll be right back with the podcast. Hey, everyone, I just wanted to tell you about something new that we're offering at Twin Cities, collective Instagram consulting services, whether you're just needing help one on one with understanding Instagram, maybe getting some feedback on your account, or you're needing something a little bit beyond that, and having me help you set up your brand photos, and kind of getting your Instagram kick started and launched. Or if you need help with your website, or other things like setting up Google Analytics, setting up your facebook pixel, we now have different consulting options on the Twin Cities collective website, just go to Twin Cities, collective calm, and click on the work with us tab. And you will find all of the different options, including Instagram audits, set up your systems as well as our 30 days of posts, Instagram launch package. I hope you guys check those out. And now back to the podcast. Alright, we're back with Fallon. And okay, so you have been this public figure for a while and you kind of utilize social media in a way where you can kind of make money on it just for yourself. How does that work? I see. Sometimes you do sponsored ads and stuff. Is that part of your company? Or is that you just people reaching out saying, you know,

Falen Gotler 21:14

99.9% of the time it's through radio. Okay. So if I, it's pretty rare. I do a feed posts. Yep. That's sponsored. But I'll do stories, that occasionally I'll do a feed. If I do feed, I usually honestly I'm like, okay, we'll give me a giveaway. At least you know what I mean? Yeah. So most of those are through the radio, I think if you listen to I always think the majority of my followers are there because they listened on the radio, I assume. So they probably hear me, like a recent one. It was fabulous. It was a short term endorsement on the air. And part of the requirement was social as well. So it was like week one, you have to have a story or two of you unboxing the item. And then week, it's kind of like you wearing the item show you actually worked out and it rideshare Yeah. Which is kind of one of our rules. And I learned that really early on to make sure actually like the product and use it. Yeah. Because I think when I started out in Indiana, to even get one endorsement, like, Oh my gosh, yes, I'll post edit. That was for social media. Definitely before this stuff, but I'm like, I would do an on air endorsement. And because I needed the money and then I'm like later as No, it's too important to people are trusting me. So I mean, someone someone would be like will do you? Will you don't live in the apartment. You know what I go over into a full tour? I mean, the full management staff, I talked to all that work there. Yeah, I never just like, yeah, I really try to make sure I don't, you know, it's just, it's anyone's right. So. So the majority of it would be a partnership, because I want my endorsement. They're paying me money for on air and a lot of MMO do the social media aspect, as kind of a toss in for free for them. Because I like I want it to work for them. I want it to be a mutual successful partnership.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 23:06

Otherwise, they won't come back. Right. And that's what I was thinking about to from a like a sponsored post thing. It's like, if you post something and you don't seem to really care, your audiences doesn't really care. Well, what are they getting out of it? Right there a small business, they're trying to using it because you have you know, a following and people rely on you to tell them about things, you know, yeah. So interesting. So, so you get paid in addition to your salary. Is that kind of how it works? Is

Falen Gotler 23:31

it okay, yeah, okay. So like appearances and endorsements are in addition to my base salary, and, and then I have done a couple of paid posts on my page. But honestly, I've only done probably like two or three. I'm done of it feels completely natural for me. Okay. I don't understand. I've seen people do a flawlessly I don't know how they do it. But to me, I think part of my hitting my brand cuz it's like, I should be myself. So like, I don't have a curated your

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 24:04

personal brand, not like a brand. Yeah.

Falen Gotler 24:06

So I don't know. Nothing. My page is like beautiful or like, I don't have I don't have a formula. I don't have a grid that I use on another page where I'm like, what should I post it? I just posted cuz I like that picture or like, it's based. I don't save pictures. I'm like, I went to Casey mass graves last night. I posted the picture case of mass graves last night. I don't like hold off on posts, and I don't save them or anything. You know what I mean? So when I post something with me holding Glade spray, it just doesn't feel natural for me, even if I genuinely use the product. So I did a couple of them. And they were actually like it one was a liquor actually did drink. It was like a legit drain. So I liked it. But I just don't do a bunch of those. Yeah, so usually anything you see on my page, unless it's unless it's a sponsored on a story. Even then I use it. I don't really do a lot of paid stuff. Yeah,

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 25:04

I think I've had actually liquor companies approached me and I'm like, I don't really drink alcohol. Yeah, so I'm like, do you even watch my stuff? Yeah, I'm not really yeah, your target audience I sent I usually send them like a couple people down like beer like the

Falen Gotler 25:17


Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 25:18

and beer that's like their their niche. So that's that's really interesting, because I think a lot of people are like, especially the ones that maybe don't have as many followers are a little bit more worried about the like curation and stuff, but I feel it because you already have that established of who you are. It is more about who you are as a person your account. Yeah,

Falen Gotler 25:36

I don't think people would

believe that it was genuine yesterday doing anything more because I I honestly think that that's why people like me on the radio, if they do like me, is because I am a little bit vulgar. I'm a little bit bold. And I'm like, I'm never know what I'm never 100%. Like, revealing because there are some things people just don't want to know that are wrong, or whatever. Right? Yeah. But as far as I can go on the radio,

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 26:10

I pretty much do. I think it's interesting, because I think even in Minnesota, there's not a lot of people like that. So I think you're unique in that way. Maybe because you're not from here,

Falen Gotler 26:17

maybe I think so. Yeah, I I you know, there used to be kind of the running joke that the girl on the radio laughs at the guy's jokes. I'm like, No, I'll laugh at his jokes, because he's funny, for sure. But I also have my own jokes. Yeah. And that's why I love being on Dave Show. Because it's like, he'll laugh at my jokes that he's not like, like, they're actually people at guys in retail turned down the females, Mike. I mean, that doesn't happen here. I'm sure but like, that's an actual thing. And I used to know a girl, but she tells me that I'm like, Are you kidding me? I've never worked with someone like that. So, um, I guess, you know, it's, it's easy. It's easy, cuz he lets me be me. There's never It was never like, okay, here's the character you're going to be to be on my show. Interesting. So is your because I feel like I don't listen to the radio enough. But yeah, is your part. Is it like 5050 partnership? Or is it mostly Dave? Or how does that work? Well, yeah, I mean, it's as far as on the air. I think it would, you would know, it's mostly Dave. Dave is going to lead the breaks, and he's going to close the breaks out. So he's gonna, I mean, he's the host is the day Ryan show. He's been there for 25 years. I'm second. So I mean, I still have a large percentage. If I just sat there and let him talk. He'd be like, what is happening? Yeah, you need to comment. Have your own stories. So on the air, you know, it kind of goes Dave, me then Steve, then like, probably be Jenny. And but as far as like planning the show. It's a I mean, it's a true group effort. You know, we all pitch in a lot of ideas. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 27:46

That's really interesting, because I think a lot of people don't know that stuff. And I think I think it's fascinating, because I've never, I don't think I've ever been to the radio station before. So I have no idea what it looks like.

Falen Gotler 27:55

It looks pretty similar to this word in the middle. Yeah,

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 27:59

for sure. Like, are you planning on being here for a while? And you like, just just keep in what you're doing and don't really have? Yeah, I miss your plans, or

Falen Gotler 28:07

no, I yeah, I like being here. I've had other opportunities that I have said no to. And you know, it takes you a minute. Because you're like, wait, that's what I did want. Back in the day. But now let's kind of mentioned earlier like that now. I'm 34. Yeah, there. Do I want to start all over? Sure. Do I want to like and now I'm married. And Jake has a son. And so I take a look, I think I used to always put my career before everything. And this is finally a point in my life where I think it's really important for my family to be the first thing and I think that comes with age. It's easier said than done when you're in a position.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 28:50

But yeah, I can say that right? Single and you can go wherever, yeah, different. Yeah.

Falen Gotler 28:54

And also, if you're in a stable place in your career, it's easier to be like, okay, yeah, my family comes from because it That's hard. But do I want to stay here? I mean, my ultimate goal would probably be to host my own show. But I'm going to ride the wave with Dave as long as I can. It's I like it.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 29:12

It looks like a fun time. Yeah. I mean, so let's talk a little bit about your husband, because you met him on an app,

Falen Gotler 29:19

Bumble, to the 20. What did we meet? I don't know. 2017, you know,

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 29:24

the era of the dating apps? And what was I mean, I've been on dating apps and they're hard. Yeah, they're not fun.

Falen Gotler 29:31

I'm a really terrible example. Okay, because that

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 29:34

was the first guy sorry. Basically,

Falen Gotler 29:37

it's pretty I people hate me. Because most of my friends have the woes of horrible dating experiences. So once I got when I got married, that there weren't really even dating apps. So then, after a divorce, and then I went through the breakup of the person after that, and I was like, I remember just sitting on my couch bored one day, I'm like, Am I seriously gonna download a dating app? And so I was like, whatever. So I did. Bumble is the one I chose just because

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 30:05

girls go to

Falen Gotler 30:06

Yeah, I think that's why and so I downloaded it. I swiped right on to people. Jake was one of them. Jake's who I talked to talk to the other person. No way. The other person said some really cheesy poem line. I was like screenshots? I can make fun of that. on the radio. And then no, Jake, was I immediately I mean, I don't know. It's like a media. It was easy. And I until all my friends that go on all these dates, and they're like, you are not normal. That is not how it normally happens.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 30:36

Because I think he knew who you were too, right.

Falen Gotler 30:39

He knew of me. Yeah, for sure. He, he that'd be hard. That will, it was worrisome. But you know, immediately if someone's a fan fan, like a crazy, like Jenny on our show, she met this guy. He was super cute, but he just kept referencing stuff on the show. She's like, ah, like, no, cuz you want to date someone with your show? Let's hear it. And so no, he of course it hurt. Who? Who lives in the 20s? That hasn't heard of day, right? Even if you don't listen, you've heard of the show. And also, I would say majority people in like, our demo, his demo has probably listened to a show or two, even if it's not your normal Morning Show. So his sister Hannah definitely listened. And so he's that they were going to like meet his mom for lunches. Oh, my God. sound from k to be? Is this really hurt like me? Right? And Hannah? Like, he's like, I'm gonna swipe right. And so we can date or whatever his sister's like, like, she's gonna swipe right on you. You know, whatever the way you swipe is. And yeah, so I don't know it was. But I thought it was really really attractive. So I was like, he's using me for like, like tickets to go see pit bull or something.

Unknown Speaker 31:48

I'm faking.

Falen Gotler 31:50

It never happened. He never asked me for pit bull tickets. I think we're still good and solid. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 31:53

And he seems like an I haven't I met him briefly when we were at that bell museum. Yes. That's the only time I've ever seen him. But like he's

Falen Gotler 31:59

very nice. He's very he. It takes a certain person. I think to date someone on the radio. We share a lot of personal intimate details. What does he do? He is in sales. Okay, so he sells like Apple software. Okay, he works downtown like the Penny's coffee building, exact locations. But he is very, if you met Jake, you would think he's really quiet. But he's not. He's very funny. He's very witty. And that was the first thing I did a lot of different types of humor people. That's the biggest attraction to me that and teeth. And but he had a very, like smart witty humor. And I feel like it matched what I am about. So. But to date someone and like, I think in TV, it's one thing because like, they're going to be recognized. You know, if your dinner you'll be recognizing your wife or husband will be. But in radio, we share a lot more of our personal lives. So I share really embarrassing stories about Jake like, Oh, yeah, last night I pluck Jake's you know, brow. I think it takes a confident. Yeah.

Who can handle that? And a lot of people can a lot of guys in rows. Like, I don't want you sharing my personal business. That's my job. So he's, he's okay with it.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 33:05

That's really awesome. You found someone that matches? I know, I

Falen Gotler 33:08

got very lucky. Yeah, in a lot of ways.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 33:11

So you work with a lot of people at the radio station. How does that work? Like, I just see all these pictures of all the people that work there. Yeah,

Falen Gotler 33:17

it's a really, there, they caught the calm sister station. Okay. So under the I heart cluster, we have I mean, we have so many we have cities 97 we have a news talk station, we have k 102. We have Kate k fan. Honest, somebody and then we have like, smaller stations, you know, like, hot, and we have, what's the other one? We have an old station. And so it's I don't know, it's chaos. I think everyone that works in our building, like when they leave at some point to go work somewhere else. Like it's so quiet. Everyone's so professional, because it's very, like, loud and like, inappropriate, you know, kind of, and, but it's really cool. I mean, we have very talent. I mean, Keith, I mean, I was married to someone like Keith and Keith and his has was just ranked the top sports station in the entire country, the country. I mean, that's amazing to have that in our building. They've done amazing

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 34:12

things. So they're all in the same building.

Falen Gotler 34:14

Yep. Oh, yeah, we're all there. Oh,

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 34:16

I always assume they were in different buildings. Now

Falen Gotler 34:19

we see each other we see like, everyone sees each other. It is Yeah,

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 34:24

the western shops area because I used to work over and I live in South Park. So like I because it's funny, because I'm friends with Harry who used to work there. And he's now in Ireland shout out. I'm sure he's listening.

Falen Gotler 34:36

The person and this probably jinnett listen to Harry's the most optimistic positive just kind of said, and you need people like that in your life. I'm a negative person. Mm hmm. So I you know, here it is balances me. Yeah, it's,

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 34:46

I heard about you guys used to work out together. Yeah, that sounds so fun. And then you also know book club. And my friend Katie. Katie. goes to that one. Yeah, she invited me I wasn't able to go.

Falen Gotler 35:02

It's a very, like, you know, they say there's, you know, it's not really a book club. It's Wine Club. Mine is a wine club. I don't really I don't serve alcohol. But it definitely is like, I would say 50% of people actually read the book. And I don't care. You know what I mean? I don't I look at it. When I started book club. It was to be 100% honest, I was doing this city. And I was kind of like, Okay, I need to make YouTube make a little bit of a name for yourself. Right was something I can do outside of the show. And so I was like, You know what, I want to challenge myself to read more. So I started the book club. And then it was I couldn't believe it. I was like, Oh, God, I hope people come and it was immediately successful. And it's just grown. And I mean, it's, it's there a lot of the same girls, but I'd say 50% is a new person every month. And so I don't care. If you read the book, you're going to come you're going to get some free food from Green Mill, you're going to get like some probably what a door prize. We'll talk about the book briefly. I'll do my stand up routine for you. Which would be embarrassing for me. And then honestly, probably 10 people on like, 70, whatever talk the rest of them don't. Because I don't want to call on someone and make them on. This was their night to come out. And maybe they got a babysitter. Maybe it's like they're only night away from their kids. Maybe they just drove 45 minutes in traffic. And so just like this, let them hang out with their girlfriends, or analytical come solo, and they are nervous. But I'm like, so many people have made friends. And I like that's my favorite part.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 36:27

I think that's so true. Is it mostly women, all women are usually

Falen Gotler 36:30

there will be like, a like, once every three months will be a token guy, like a husband. And they'll be like, Can a guy calm? Like, yes, the Just so you know, yeah, I'll probably be the only guy and it's not designed that way. who happens to sign up?

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 36:43

That's kind of like Twin Cities collective too. It's like 85% women. And that's like at our events, too. So there's usually like one or two or three guys. Like guys are welcome. Yeah, just they just don't have as many of them. I think women like networking more. I think so and talking and going out and

Falen Gotler 36:59

trying new things.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 37:00

That's just sounds so fun. I should definitely come sometime because I feel like it forces me to read into

Falen Gotler 37:05

it. And I even do audiobooks. I'm not gonna lie, I don't do a

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 37:09

ton of audiobooks do like how do you pick the book?

Falen Gotler 37:12

combination things, things that look interesting to me that I'll see. I always ask for recommendations from the girls. And then a lot of time, you know, I'll get three or four accommodations. And so I'll just read the read about the book to the book club and let them pick which one we do. So like this month, we did, sometimes I lie to thriller, and I just thought they're actually going to turn into a movie with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 37:33

Oh, yeah. Sarah Michelle. Good. Work. Yeah. I feel like Reese Witherspoon is like, really into this stuff, too. Because she always makes movies based off book.

Falen Gotler 37:40

Oh, she has in the book we read in January was one of her Okay, she just picked up to make a movies. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 37:46

Sounds good. Do you like reading books before you see a movie though? Yes. There's times I read I read a tall the boys I love before. Before I came on Netflix, and I it made me hate the Netflix movie because I was comparing it to the book the whole time. It's true. I wish I had to read the book. First,

Falen Gotler 38:02

you just have to remember, nothing. A movie will never be as good as a button just can't. Because they cannot get all the details. And in that time, then. It's crazy. So how do people go to the book club? Or is it open to the public? It is totally on the public eye. So I always post my blog. It's just an The day after a book club. So this next book club is the last Wednesday of this month. I don't know the date, but the 27th I think, Okay. And so the morning of the 28th on my blog, it'll be early. I post the link in this for like, event bright kind of thing. Yeah. Grab your tickets. And it goes in like 10 minutes. Okay. It's really cool.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 38:39

You just have to be quick. Yep, that makes sense. And it's a limit of like you said, 70. Here. How many?

Falen Gotler 38:45

Well, so I honestly put this is the truth. I put it at like 140. Uh huh. Because I have no, yeah, half the world won't show up. I learned that early on.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 38:54

Yes. I've learned that to hosting events. I don't get it. I mean, what I've learned is if you pay attention, that's like something I heard recently, if you pay you pay it, and that's true.

Falen Gotler 39:03

That used to be me. And now I don't care about that.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 39:06

Oh, really? Like a watercolor class. It was like

Falen Gotler 39:09

I was expensive to one class white lab. Know Who was it? It was like I said it for this one. Because it wasn't a one time thing. It was like a six week thing. And I was really excited. I went to one class like, I don't know, I don't want to do this every week. And so I just never.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 39:25

I don't always do that. Oh, that's funny. I think it's interesting with with, there are so many events around town. And I feel like and you were talking about the fact that you don't always make it to all of them. And I like Yeah, and I feel like there are a lot of people that want, you know, influencers to come. But it's like you have to really have a good event. I mean, even get anyone you know, yeah,

Falen Gotler 39:45

I mean, I usually go with them asked by a friend who is putting the event on gotcha.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 39:53

So like a personal connection,

Falen Gotler 39:54

usually. Because most of my friends be cut. And that's why they're probably my friend. They don't they don't ask a lot of me. I don't there probably isn't one front of my phone that texted me and asked me for concert tickets or something. Yeah, but I think that it becomes set like sometimes I'll because I'm all over all, I watch them all on social media. And I'm like, I you know, I think it becomes it's so different. Because I have built in followers because I have a platform of Katie web. I'm not unaware, when you are like, how did you build your brand, whatever, like I was on the radio, I by default got for sure. Now, I'm not going to completely take away from myself, because I have significantly more followers than a lot of other people in similar positions. As I do, I think because one of my top goals is to always respond to like, every message I get, I don't respond to every comment. I try to go through and like them. But I try to respond to every it's overwhelming sometimes. It's kind of exhausting. But I also just want people to know, like, even if I don't have an answer something you didn't waste your time reaching out to me, I want you to know, you were heard. And it's because that just means a lot to me. But I'm just like so but when people are going to all these events, I understand because they're trying to build something they're trying to network. They're trying to get the followers or make that connection with someone who creates a partnership. So I get it. So I think that was one of your goals. Like it's not like you need it for me. Yeah,

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 41:23

no, yeah. You don't need the connections because you already have the job that you like. And

Falen Gotler 41:28

I think that's true. And I think I have met people that are like, you need to be more open to network and you need to do more networking. And I'm like, why? Interesting, but I get it. But then I also and then I am like I should I go back and forth. And I'm like, beat myself up over it. And I

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 41:45

mean, it's hard in the winter to people. Yeah, you know, it's cold, you don't wanna go outside? Yeah, but then it's also like, you want to do something cuz you're cooped up. So I get that back and forth of like, Oh, I need to get out of the house. Versus like, Oh, I don't want to leave, right?

Falen Gotler 41:57

I've never gone to something though, for like, like,

an Instagram opportunity. Unless I'm visiting another city, then I'll go for like, oh, here's this thing, everyone gets their picture. And I don't really do that for like here. So I try to like, Jake, and I had this conversation when I was like, I got asked to do like four panels last week or something. And I was like, I can't say yes to all these things. Like I actually have the dates open for a couple of them. And he said, You have to think about what is what are the important causes for you. Sometimes it's not going to benefit you found but what's one that really benefits other people in a real way? It's not because everyone got to get together and took Instagram pictures. What so I was like, that's a really good way to look at it. So I I now ask a lot more questions. You know, I'll say, what is this? Are you making money on this? Where's the money going? What is your objective not just later? Because it's always like, fun activities of 30 minute panel, and drinks and food provided by x yc. Am I cool? So what is like your ultimate goal for it? So I know what you want me for. So that I know. If I'm serving you? Am I serving you? And is it serving? Like, yeah, what is my

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 43:11

purpose? You know? Sure. I think that's really good. And I think a lot of companies don't think about that when they do reach out to you. And I feel like, it's interesting. Yeah, even for me, like I'm like, Oh, crap, you know, some of the events that I do. It's like, what am I doing it for? You know, and a lot of times I do them, I'm a more of an education based person

Falen Gotler 43:27

was gonna say I'd never looked at your events and thought this is just a way for people to get cocktails. years always seems very informational. Yes, you're taking, you're taking something away from it when you go to your events.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 43:38

And that's why I felt like I could I was it was hard for me to charge for parties. Versus but then I'm like life, you know, there's a lot of things I have to pay for whether it's cups, you know, things like that. It's like, I'm losing money. If I don't, I I I'm trying to get better at that. But yeah, I'd rather have the people in the group support me then like some random people. I don't know. I hate Yeah. So that's why I always for the for that's why for me, having educational based events more aligned with what I want. Yeah. So I yeah, but then people see that that and I think it's hard though, because people also just want the networking fun events.

Falen Gotler 44:16

So I get it, you know, I think you need a mix. I do.

I totally get that. I like, I just did one. That was a bullying

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 44:27

though, cuz I was gonna go to the okay. Yeah.

Falen Gotler 44:29

And it was easy. Yes. For me, because it was something I experienced, I related to and I was like, Sure, I'll do it. And then the messages from like, adults and from parents be like, Hey, I really appreciate you doing this for you know, because my kids dealing with it. And that's when you know, that. I don't know, you know, you're thinking okay, who cares? what I have to say everyone thinks that Who cares what I have to say, right? Why is my opinion different than anyone else's or my voice? And then it's like, Okay, if I like helped one parent help their kid cope with what's going on at school, like, hey, look, this person that you would think maybe can deal with bullying is gets just as heartbroken over I then I was like, Okay, that was that was worth my time for sure. Hundred percent. And you I feel like you probably have I know you've gone through this with social media bully. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 45:21

What what has How have you gotten through that? And like, just ignored the haters. I guess

Falen Gotler 45:26

I never I never say no, I tag with Jake. I'm like, Well, it depends on the day, one day, I'll just cry. One day I write a horrible response back to them. And then like 20 minutes later I deleted us. I mean, usually block people delete their comment block up. I mean, Twitter, you can delete it Twitter's the worst. I don't even like Twitter. And Twitter's my legion of social media. The biggest troll forum of all time. And so honestly, Twitter, I mostly just post things I have to post coming up next on our show, or here's a link to my blog. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 45:56

So it's not super personal. So there's not much to it. That's so true. I've seen that. And that's why I think a lot more people have gone the Instagram route. I feel like I used to see a lot more businesses on Twitter. I just don't see them anymore. Yeah. You know,

Falen Gotler 46:11

positive. Yeah,

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 46:11

I agree. So yeah. And I think that's awesome. So is there anything you want to promote or talk about coming up for?

Falen Gotler 46:19

I think, I mean, my new new episodes, my podcast, when they come out every Friday, I do it super early in the morning, there and I Heart Radio or iTunes. And I mean, that's the main thing, I think. And I like I want to thank you for having me on. Because I think what you're doing is really great. I think, you know, I was explaining you who you are today than to Jake. And I just think that you've built something really great. And you should be really proud of a lot of hard work. Yeah. So I think a lot of times we look at like events like an event and we're like, why am I going to another one of these? Make does I think it does help and I think people see you probably take off now. And don't realize it's been turned up here. It's been two and a half years. You know, I always say an overnight success. Yeah, the overnight successes, like it took me 15 years or whatever.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 47:11

I think that means so much to me, because I feel like you're basically like a local celebrity. So like, it's just cool to that you support us. And I feel like we've met a few times at different events and stuff just in passing and so it's great to have you actually sit down and talk and thanks for Yes, well thank you for being here. Um, how do we follow you on social media? I am

Falen Gotler 47:31

falen not like Jimmy. KDWB on pretty much everything. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective 47:37

Awesome. Well, thank you so much for coming. And thank you guys for listening. And I'll be back next week with another episode. I'll talk to you guys later. Thanks for listening to the Twin Cities collective podcast with Jenna Redfield. Make sure to click subscribe if you haven't already. And make sure to leave us a review on iTunes. Thanks again for Ian at Studio Americana for producing this episode, as well as Melanie Lee for design the podcast art and thanks to Nikolai had less for the use of the song in the intro outros. Thanks so much again, and I'll see you next time.

Jenna Redfield is the leader of the Twin Cities Collective, the largest resource in the Twin Cities for bloggers, small business, entrepreneurs & creatives.

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