You have the idea. The passion. The drive.

You just don’t know how to reach your audience. Grow your leads. Use social media in a strategic way.

You’ve found the right place to learn how to accomplish that

Minneapolis Marketing & Social Media Coach

After spending years learning the best practices, useful tips & building a huge audience of local & devoted followers, I’m here to share with you my secrets and best practices. You may have found yourself stuck in a brand new business and don’t know anything about how to market it. You may not know which platform to focus on for your specific business, you’ve had friends tell you what you “should be doing” but you are unsure if that’s the best route.
I GET IT-I’ve been there

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Learn from someone who has built their local online following & community from zero to 15K.

When I started in 2014 building an online presence with a blog & YouTube channel, I look back at how much I didn’t know and how desperately I wanted someone to come and help me. It would have saved me hours and weeks and months of my life. 

What is Social Media & Marketing Coaching?

Instead of spending an arm and a leg on a sketchy marketing company whose promises are too good to be true (literally) and not seeing any return, why not learn how to grow your social media organically, with proven methods that have been tried & tested and you can learn how to do yourself?

You & I will meet to chat in a quiet space, to dig into what you really want to understand. You will be sent a questionnaire that helps us both figure out what we really need to focus on and dig into.

Over the last few years coaching small businesses, I’ve learned so much about what people really need to do to figure out how to reach their audience & convert from social to actual clients.

What’s Included in Coaching:

✅ Extensive questionnaire before the coaching session. This allows you and me to understand where within your business you need the most help with

✅ Current Marketing Audit: I will look over your current accounts & sites and give you feedback you can change instantly

✅ 2 hour session where we cover the topics YOU want the most. I used to have a standard session but have now made it so you can ask exactly what YOU want to know

✅ Q & A with me to ask about different topics, from SEO to websites to social media & growing your instagram following.

✅ Specific platform setup: Need help with wordpress or setting up Google Analytics? I can walk you through step by step on how to set up these platforms

✅ Platform Selection for Social Media Strategy Coaching Session: I will help you determine the best social media platforms to utilize based on your target audience & demographic


What Topics Can We Cover:

I’ll be able to help you with the following (+ more)

👉 Social Media:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest

👉 System Automation & Planning

CRMs (Dubsado), Google Analytics, Email Marketing

👉 Website Design:

Wordpress, Squarespace, Canva and Graphics

👉 Video:

YouTube, iMovie, Final Cut ProX, Equipment


$250 for 2 Hour Coaching Starter Session

$400 for Two 2 hour Sessions

One Year Marketing Program: 2 Hour Initial Session + Quarterly Follow up one hour sessions: $650


Additional Services

Once we meet for our initial coaching session, you then have access to some of the additional services I offer!


Squarespace WebSite Design


Brand Photo & Video

Want to talk with Jenna about I can help you 1:1 Market Your business, get your systems in place & get more leads? Fill out this form to schedule a free discovery phone call! (Make sure to check out our Services First!)